WattCycling  Training Study

    Questionnaire WattCycling training study

    Anticipating a detailed explanation, here's a brief introduction:

    In collaboration with the AISS (Amsterdam Institute of Sport Sciences), we are starting a study on the effectiveness of two different training methods.
    The first method is the so-called "Polarized training method." This is characterized by approximately 80% of the training sessions being low intensity and the remaining 20% being high intensity. From the literature, it seems that the polarized training method works effectively for professional (endurance) athletes. The question is whether this approach is also suitable for amateur athletes.
    The alternative is the training method that prescribes a higher percentage of high-intensity training sessions, more High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
    The third group is the control group consisting of people who simply follow their own program.
    The goal of this research is to determine which training method is optimal for improving physiological performance factors.

    This questionnaire is intended to gain some insight into your training habits and personal characteristics so that we can place you in the right group.
    Thank you in advance for your interest and (potential) participation!

    Name (first and last name)


    Weight (kg)

    Height (m)


    Do you smoke or have you recently quit smoking (less than 3 months ago)?

    How often do you train on average per week?

    How many hours do you train per week? (in hours: 1.5 represents one and a half hours)

    Are you already training at WattCycling?

    Are you available for a minimum of 3 sessions per week?

    Do you have a specific goal for training? (e.g., triathlon, marathon, getting fitter, etc.)

    Do you have a preference for a specific training method? (No rights can be derived from this.)

    If you are not selected for your preferred group, would you still be willing to participate?

    Do you currently have health problems that may affect your ability to participate in physical activity? (e.g., heart problems, injuries, etc.)

    Do you have any comments, questions, or specific issues you think we should be aware of?

    Are you willing to participate in the research?

    If yes, please leave your email address so we can contact you for further instructions and planning.

    NB: If you have registered for this study, it is not mandatory to participate until the end if you no longer wish to do so. However, researchers can only use the data if you complete the study.